7/11/06 1.02 Build 19

  • Added upgrade check.
  • Bug fixes!
Download Beatcraft 1.02 b19

5/02/06 1.02 Build 17

  • Options to disable and enable directx and vst effects.
  • Added uninstall survey.
  • Trying to save over current kit would cause a crash.
  • Playing a long pattern crashed Beatcraft.
  • Changing pattern length bug fixed.
  • If you placed a few "choke previous sounds" within the same beat, it would crash Beatcraft.
  • If you saved over an existing kit, it crashed.
  • If you use 32 beats per measure / 16 (or higher) steps per beat, it crashes.
  • A song created that will not render, it crashed every time.
  • Sequencer always jumps back to the beginning when you play a pattern.
Download Beatcraft 1.02 b17

9/12/05 1.02 Build 15

  • Fix for registration bug - never ending trial.
Download Beatcraft 1.02 b15

7/01/05 1.02 Build 13

  • Adds support for VST and DirectX effects! Please let us know if it crashes on startup and send us the log file!
  • Added preferences to edit the VST directories. (In the preferences on the Miscellaneous tab.)
  • Fix for rendering of some loops.
  • Fix for effects dialog glitches.
  • Fix for choke feature.
  • Fix for undo issue via keyboard.
  • Fix for reg dialog issue.
  • Other fixes.

3/04/05 1.0 Build 9

  • Fix for moving scroll bar during playback on sequencer.
  • Right clicking fix for 'audio properties' for pattern instruments.
  • Added 'Effects' option on right click menu.
  • Fixed ability to drag objects that have scrolled off the screen.
  • Added 'Buy More Drums' options to help menu and on each view of the drum samples.
  • Fixed occasional deadlock when rendering.
  • Ctrl+T accelerator works.
  • Fixed crash after deleting a groups from the sample library.
  • Sequencer scroll bar wackiness fixed.
  • Saved projects now show on the MRU, instead of just loaded projects.
  • Fix for silent pattern issue.
Download Beatcraft 1.0 b9

1/17/05 1.0 Build 8

  • Initial release!!
Download Beatcraft 1.0 b8

"I find Beatcraft an excellent piece of software. Having recently got into home recording, I initially tried a number of drum machines -but Beatcraft was by the far the most versatile, best sounding, and also the easiest to use."