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Mixcraft 6


Build 217 Fixes the following issues:

  • Japanese video editing issue
  • Improved bullet-proofing for VSTs that crash during startup
  • Fix for delay effects that slow down processor math
  • Fixed obscure issues with creating ZIP files
  • MIDI import time signature/track name issues
  • Pitch Bend values were off by one
  • Alt+2 and Alt+6 shortcuts reversed in menu
  • Improved VST flushing to prevent clicks
  • Fix for lack of crossfades when freezing a track during project load


  • New interface & artwork
  • ReWire support
  • Submix tracks for grouping tracks together
  • Output busses, can be routed to multiple output devices.  Can now add/remove output tracks for multi-out virtual instruments.
  • Multiple lanes for tracks (including multiple MIDI channels)
  • Loop recording mode with multiple takes
  • Route MIDI track data to audio plug-ins
  • Mixer re-design
  • New virtual instruments (ComboV & ComboF organs, Acoustica Studio Drums)
  • Control surface support for transport & plug-in controls
  • Support for VSTs with multiple outputs
  • Video transitions, automation, text & titles, still image importing
  • Improved quantize and other new MIDI processing tools
  • Built-in guitar tuner on every audio track
  • Improvements to loop library including loop importing & search
  • Live automation recording
  • Option to mix down all individual tracks for exporting project to another DAW
  • Drum maps in the piano roll interface
  • Insert/Remove time from project
  • Ability to draw selection in the timeline (to select data in all tracks)
  • Improved time signature support
  • Effect chain presets
  • Phase reverse option on audio clips
  • Faders & meters now logarithmic when in dB mode, MX6 now defaults to dB mode.
  • Automation creation of new project folder for each project.
  • Backup file created every time a project is saved.
  • Auto-rewind to playback start preference added (on by default)
  • Reverse audio clip feature
  • Major improvements to MIDI editing, piano roll
  • Ability to arm MIDI tracks for a specific MIDI device



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