Mixcraft Beta

Product Version Updated Status Download
Mixcraft 8 Build 381 02/17/17 Public Beta
Here are the changes in 381 since 380

  • Fix for rendering effect/inst tails
  • Minor fix for retaining scale/drum map when merging midi
  • Fix for midi editing/clobbering ending up with small notes.
  • Minor fix for MIDI pan/balance text
  • Fix for track automation not processing when using Freeze or Mix to New Audio Track
  • Fix for freeze loading some videos
  • Fix for time sig changes occurring at wrong spot in saved MIDI files.
  • Fix for issues freezing instrument tracks with multi-out instruments
  • Fixed a little yellow cursor issue with the effect panel on tracks
  • Fix for project containing multiple send routing to same send track
  • Better crash logging and now reporting sndengine crashes to website
  • More Melodyne bulletproofing
  • MP4 rendering fixes
  • No note clobbering after editing note properties
  • Text and spelling fixes
Here are the changes in 380 since 378

  • Minor video-render dialog issue
  • Hitting Stop in Wave mode with high latency no longer stops so abruptly.
  • Bug #9506, fix for complex problem syncing up un-muted track that has latency effects, and/or latency effects being on the master FX bus. Fixed the heck out of it.
  • fix for fx dragging to hidden/collapsed track
  • Bug #9505, fixed ASIO issues with Line 6 drivers. These drivers use 16-bit samples, not 32-bit samples, but our code was assuming 32-bit buffers in some places.
  • fixed resize track fx header - also added yellow resize cursor.
  • Bug #9499, we now constrain WaveRT to a minimum of 44100 (just as we've done with Wave mode for a long time). Also, status bar now displays the output format (e.g. 22 kHz) vs the Sound Engine format (constrained to 44.1 kHz).
  • solo logic now only soloing parent if no sibling was soloed already
Here are the changes in 378 since 375

  • Fix for favorites
  • Ability to rotate videos
  • Fixed solo logic to solo submix parents
  • Save format details for video fix
  • Center All Windows crash with MTK
  • Optimized Melodyne code to share windows and not crash due to using too many resources
  • Fix for copying audio editor type when copying clips
  • Fix for mix to stems audio setting
  • Redrawing buttons properly after changing text
  • Fixed menu to allow linking for video and text tracks
  • Metronome and preview not affected by main mix effects anymore
  • Playing markers after end of audio from marker list no longer starts playback from start
  • fix for infinite loop with bad audio device
  • Not allowing 24 or 32 bit audio for AVI files (which did not work)
  • Fixed melodyne getting bigger each time clicked
  • Major change. Multi-out instruments (including Omni Sampler-8) that don't have output tracks visible mix the audio directly to the stereo instrument output. So you'll still hear audio on instrument channels that don't have Output Tracks. Also, the preference to not create Output Tracks now created NO output tracks, so the instrument audio is mixed entirely to stereo.


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