Mixcraft Beta

Product Version Updated Status Download
Mixcraft 7.7 Build 316 06/29/16 Public Beta
Here are the changes in 316 since 311

  • Fix for rare Win 10 FX drop down not showing
  • Fix for not merging midi clips with tempo change properly
  • Fixed bug where you could not double click and select clips on first track on first run.
  • Fixed bug 8264. Selecting all in piano roll with snap to grid when zoomed in resulted in unexpected behavior.
Here are the changes in 311 since 310

  • Cursor no longer disappears in Library when editing
  • Home key in MIDI view positions main playback cursor appropriately
  • Drop down scrolling issue with presets or vst drop downs
  • Submix solo/mute issue when importing old version 6 project.
  • Use selection is now greyed out if no clips are in selection.
  • Plugin manager had a minor glitch in reporting correct # of plugins in category
  • Omni & Alpha no longer copies sample files every time you save a preset.
  • Fix for keyboard highlighting when notes were right next to each other.
  • Fix for submix tracks in relation to performance panel slots. There were some dragging glitches.
  • Fix for rare tooltip crashing in piano roll.
  • Fix for stupid scroll bar glitch.
  • When loading MIDI files, ensure that NOTE OFF messages occur before NOTE ON messages that occur at the same time.
Here are the changes in 310 since 303

  • Bullet proofing based off crash reports for very very rare issues.
  • Fix for temp file cleanup after video render crash. (Refixed for 310)
  • Added note velocity short cut - use ctrl+click to edit velocities of selected notes
  • Performance panel fix for clips recording from performance panel that started at an offset besides time 0.
  • New selected clip data look.
  • New playback cursor and caret color for better workflow.
  • Render to multiple FLAC files crash fixed
  • Unplug WaveRT device no longer freezes
  • New colors for carets and play indicator
  • New clip look (the waveform is outlined)
  • Autoscroll during drag in track body with perf panel open is fixed more better, unless you are dragging clips
  • Fix for switching between piano roll and step editor during playback and zoom levels are different
  • Fix for not being able to load custom images on tracks.
  • Ending video file proliferation- & duplicate files created on render.


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Method 2

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