Rich Powell Super Set Art Pack!

(Designed exclusively for Acoustica CD Label Maker!)
To download the art pack, click on the link below.  Make sure to run the installer once you download it so that the new art will be installed!  
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(8 MB download.  Approximately 26 min d/l on a 56K modem)$10.00 - Rich gets paid directly through your contributions!  Maybe Rich will make more art for your cd labeling pleasure? 
Download the Rich Powell Super Set Art Pack!!!Purchase the Rich Powell Super Set Art Pack!!!
Download the "Hot Rods from Hell" free sampler. (600K)
Rich Powell - El hombreRICH POWELL BIO: Rich Powell's work has appeared on and National, in games, on t-shirts, in magazines, in bathroom stalls, in books, on the sides of jumbo jets zooming at terrific speeds over our great nation, on billboards, at ballparks -- chances are you've come into contact with some of Rich's work at one time or another during your lifetime and it's left an indelible imprint on your grey matter! Working from his clandestine studio high atop a mountain in the Sierra Nevadas, Rich strives to create cool images for the good of mankind. More of his work can be seen at
(Thumbnails of the art pack are shown below.)