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Music, Multimedia, Home, Label Creation

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Fully featured for 7 days. After 7 days, you can use it to do everything except mix down or burn CDs.

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Short Description:
Create your own CD/DVD labels and CD jewel cases with the ultimate in ease!

Medium Description:
Create your own CD/DVD labels and CD jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility! Chock full of custom art for holidays and special occasions! Automatically imports your play lists! Now supports LightScribe!

Long Description:
Create your own CD/DVD and CD jewel case labels with this new software from Acoustica, the company with the curious idea that software should be easy to use. Let the wizard create labels for you in a hurry with minimum fuss, or man the controls yourself to get every detail of text, fonts, and images just the way your muse demands. Use the built-in art for holidays, events, and just generally good labels, or import your own pictures with the image search feature and thumbnail views. Automatically import your song information from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, WinAmp, Nero, iTunes, Easy CD Creator, or virtually any other popular playlist file. Print on plain old printer paper or stock sticker labels and CD jewel case templates. And above all: have fun! We insist. Now supports LightScribe!

Product Features

  • Version 3 supports HP LightScribe direct labeling drives - your search for easy LightScribe software is over!
  • new! Print to multiple LightScribe drives simultaneously!
  • new! Now supports partial transparency for images, text backgrounds and PNG images with alpha layers.
  • Automatically align your printers with the Printer Alignment Wizard!
  • Now reads data or backup CDs and creates an instant summary!
  • Video DVD / Chapter support!
  • Import art from tons of stock graphics or your own photographs
  • Automatically import your music playlists such as iTunes or read the contents of your previously burnt CD into visually appealing arrangements. (Also reads MP3 CDs and data CDs and DVDs!)
  • Create curved and spiral text!
  • Easy wizards help create your CD/DVD/mini CD labels and CD jewel cases
  • Supports 99% of stock CD labels and CD jewel case templates!
  • Support for the new direct-to-CD printers!
  • Support for DVD cases
  • Supports Asian fonts!!!
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and more, including various digital camera RAW image formats
  • Much more! ( Did we say it was easy to use? :) )

Customer Testimonials

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"I recently purchased Staples labels, and boy are they cheap!! I burned a CD and discovered that CD Label Maker prints on Staples (very cheap) labels! I've used Acoustica for about three years and love it! Now, I love it even more. Keep up the good work."

- Joyce G.