Employee Bios

Joseph Clarke | CEO & Founder

Joseph started Acoustica by programming into the wee hours of the night after his day job. With much patience and passion he completed the first product "Internet Audio Mix". A year later, sales started taking off and he was able to work full time on his software.

Joseph Clarke

Dan Goldstein | Chief Technology Officer

Dan is a musician and audio enthusiast who also loves developing software! Dan has a real passion for creating great software. Dan has led the development of Mixcraft and Beatcraft. Formerly of Sonic Foundry, Dan has tons of experience creating music & multimedia software, including Acid and Vegas. In this photo, Dan is showing off his Mini-Moog. (One of 30+ synthesizers!)

Dan Goldstein

Alan Reynolds |  Creative Director

After his formal education he began his career working as a graphic designer in a large company's in-house communications department . Along the way he became a member of a local art gallery, produced two solo art shows, and has displayed his art at other various venues. After several years of successful freelance he set up shop as EONstudio and collaborated with a few choice developers and writers to create some award winning projects. Since then he has continued to grow in the design industry. It is his goal to see design improve the way we communicate in business and in our personal lives.


Alan Reynolds

Lois Clarke | Chief Operating Officer

Lois was the second to join Acoustica...making the trek to Oakhurst from lovely Santa Barbara. She pitched in when Acoustica was mostly some code and a laptop! Lois is in charge of building custom packages for large orders, interfacing with clients and making sure no customer is forgotten. She loves making exotic meals and elaborate pastries, playing the violin, but mostly, she loves learning about new technology!

Lois Clarke

Russ Cary | Developer of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

Russ spends his days squirreled away in his underground lair dreaming up things to do to Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. When he's not thinking about CD labels, you can find him doing fieldwork for his Yosemite National Park website, a great place to find the perfect yosemite hike.

Russ Carey

Greg Birkel | Director of Customer Care

Greg comes to us from AOL where he spent countless hours helping people get their online gaming problems solved on the game channel. In addition, he interfaced between the support and development teams, coming up with non 'computerese' ways of troubleshooting various problems. He loves the challenge of finding solutions to even the most difficult of technical problems. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, astronomy and hiking in the Sierra Nevadas.

Greg Birkel

Eric Van Landingham  |  Quality Assurance, Customer Care & Weekend Support

Eric Van Landingham heads up the weekend support & quality assurance for Acoustica and has been involved with computers for the last 15 years. His true calling is his guitar and can make it sing like the best of them. His favorite style is heavy metal but can play many different genres. Visit one of his many sites at http://www.ericvanlandingham.com!

Eric Vanlandingham

Anthony Conte  |  Vice President of Sales

Anthony comes to Acoustica from Cakewalk where he spent the better part of two decades as Vice President of Sales contributing to their expansive growth in the 1990's. During his tenure, he had the opportunity to learn his craft by working with pioneers in the DAW industry across the globe and establishing worldwide distribution networks. Anthony enjoys spending time with his family, playing in a band with his step-son and recording local artists in his studio.

Anthony Conte

Phil Robinson  |  Order Support

Phil comes to us from the world of legendary customer service. When he's not drinking coffee and sending solutions and lost codes, he spends his time running a Do-It-Yourself distribution service for electronic music newcomers and researching new bleeding-edge music and music devices. His own creations include a number of found sounds including broken kids' toys and various alarms.

Phil Robinson

Brett Forath  |  Web Developer

Brett graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Fresno State and has been developing websites ever since. He is passionate about modern web design and is always looking for ways to make innovative websites. In his free time, Brett enjoys playing guitar, going fishing and watching sports.

Brett Forath