It all started from the ashes of a Silicon Valley layoff. Joseph Clarke had just poured 4 years of his life into making an online fantasy role playing game for the Imagination Network. Just as everything was ready to go live, the plug was pulled and the company was dissolved. Out of work and living in a rural town located in the foothills of Yosemite National Park, Joseph decided that he needed to have a program to show off his programming ability. (Talking about a shelved product did not amaze prospective employers!) Thus, Internet Audio Mix was born. (Now called MP3 Audio Mixer.) Sales were slow at first and he got a job working at the local ISP. The business continued as a part time endeavor...for the time being.

For Christmas '99, his wife bought him a CD burner. The software which shipped with the CD burner did not burn MP3s directly to CD; they only accepted WAV files. He needed a way to burn custom audio CDs from his personal CD collection. He realized that he needed to create a program to convert MP3s to WAV files and he needed it to be easy enough for his technically illiterate spouse to use. MP3 To Wave Converter was created with the philosophy that "Software should be easy to use!" Sales took off beyond Joseph's wildest imagination.

Not only was he able to quit his day job, but he was able to start a full time business.

In addition to having a solution that was in high demand, Joseph and his small team knew that it was important to offer stellar service and support. Habits of helping the customer, even if it didn't relate to the business were formed.