NAMM 2008

Screenshot interview of Mixcraft 4

Dan Goldstein, lead developer of Mixcraft, demonstrates Mixcraft 4's powerful feature set at The NAMM Show, January 2008

NAMM 2007

At NAMM we unveiled the tremendously powerful Mixcraft V3 with thunderous applause. Many visitors stopped by our booth for a demonstration of Mixcraft while others actually recorded and created a mix. This was great fun for the Acoustica team, seeing people use our software. We also demonstrated Spin It Again, which amazed many, not only with it's easy LP or Cassette to CD or Mp3 capability but with the unique click & Pop and Tape Hiss remover. There were many dropped jaws when listening to the samples of before and after cleaned music.

The Riflemanstopped by and did a rap on the spot with Mixcraft 3, highlighting just how easy it is to use the software. He is wearing a wireless headset mic and rapping to some built in loops.

When the 'decibel police' weren't around, we found ourselves shouting how to use the software. Luckily, we had headphones so that people could hear the click & Pop and Tape Hiss working for Spin It Again! This guy is asking Did you say it was only $34.95?!?! (Most of them thought we were joking when we told them it was $34.95.) Now where is that serial code...? It's in this bag somewhere...

This was Acoustica's third year at the conference. We'll be at NAMM in 2008! Just make sure David doesn't share a room with Eric. Eric is also a heavy metal rocker and tends to snore fortissimo. :) From left to right: David Raimondo, Joseph Clarke, Dan Goldstein & Eric VanLandingham.

The NAMM conference (National Association of Music Merchants) is a giant musical instrument trade show (the largest annual event of the music industry's in the United States). NAMM is a not-for-profit association that unifies, leads and strengthens the international music industry. NAMM's activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages. The conference in January had a record breaking 1,535 music products manufactures from around the world which filled every square inch of the Anaheim Convention Center with the latest innovations in music.