Main Interface

DJ Twist & Burn is an extremely easy dj mixing software program.

This screenshot shows the "DJ Fader" over the main window. The DJ Fader dialog lets you set the main tempo, fade and overlap times between songs, fade types and whether you'd like to use harmonic mixing!

The software's help file will help you understand what everything means, if you aren't sure.


You can apply effects to each song, including reverb, echo/delay, flanger, EQ, Chorus and others, including an amazing vocal remover.

You can set the volume of each track or let the software automatically peak a volume so that each song has the same loudness level. (No more reaching for the volume knob!)

Apply Boost to tracks to give those old tracks some beefed up dynamic range.

Volume Dialog

Trim and Fade Features

You can set the fades and overlaps in detail. Trim out extra applause or extraneous 'non-song' audio. Set amazing filter and beat-synced panning cross fades!

Specify the exact tempo and key. If you want to practice playing or singing along with the song, you can slow it down AND change the pitch without making it sound like that stereo-typical chipmunk.

Crossfade and Beatmatch Music

New Project Dialog

You don't have to beat mix, though. The software allows you to create regular audio CDs or MP3 CDs, as well.

When you first start the program, the software asks you what type of project you'd like to create.

New Project Dialog

Rendering Files

You don't have to burn a CD. DJ Twist & Burn lets you render your mix to MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV file so that you can put it on your portable MP3 player or iPod...or load it up on to the Internet!

Render a File

Transfering Song Lists

We've created a convenient way to copy all the songs in your song list to any folder on your computer. This is great for those that like to use DJ Twist & Burn to organize their music and copy the songs to a portable MP3 player.

Transfer a Songlist


Each song can have multiple effects, including external 3rd party VST & DirectX effects! Choose from the built in Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Flanger, Reverb and Vocal Remover.

more effects


Burn an Audio CD

When you are all done, you can burn your song list to an audio or MP3 CD! This is an easy solution to burning the ultimate beatmatched Dj mixing CD!

Burn an Audio CD

"Thank you for making a great piece of software that works well, and is easy to use! If anyone wants to create their own Aerobics music routines, this is perfect! You do not need to be a WAV file editing genius to get what you want done quickly with this!"

-Rob K.