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document 1276 - HOWTO: I've got too many plugins - how can I manage them?
Mixcraft has a new plug-in management system that allows you to easily organize your VST plugins. Check out this video blog entry: Using Mixcraft's...
23 Feb, 2017
document 1275 - HOWTO: I want to learn more about the Nightlife virtual instrument.
Acoustica's free Nightlife VST is a powerful virtual synthesizer. Learn more about it in these video blog posts: Nightlife VST Cool Features, Part...
23 Feb, 2017
document 1274 - HOWTO: How can I make beats with Mixcraft's loops?
Learn more about creating unique beats from Mixcraft's library of loops: Creative Beat-making With Mixcraft's Loops.
21 Feb, 2017
document 1273 - HOWTO: How do you create mash-ups with Mixcraft?
It's easy to use Mixcraft recording software to create mash-ups, taking one song and meshing it with another for an entirely new creation. Check out...
21 Feb, 2017
document 1272 - HOWTO: How can I publish my songs to YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook or other similar sites?
Mixcraft 8 and Mixcraft 7 allow you to publish your creations directly from your recording software to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud,...
21 Feb, 2017

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document 861: Acoustica Registration Codes
Most Acoustica programs have a four part registration code in the following format: 12345-12345-12345-12345 (Each part consists of five numbers or...
05 Sep, 2012
document 836: Where can I find a good vocal remover?
DJ Twist & Burn has a built in vocal remover! Right click on a song and select "Vocal Remover 1", "Vocal Remover 2" or "Vocal Remover 3". If...
30 Apr, 2015
document 1001: Hook Up Your Record Player or Cassette Player To Your Computer"s Sound Card
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to recording your LPs and cassettes to CD is how to hook up your record player or cassette player to your...
19 Jun, 2008
document 808: Where can I get art for wedding CD labels?
Registered users of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker get more than 1,000 original backgrounds, including individual backgrounds and entire themes...
29 Apr, 2015
document 901: How many songs can I put on an audio CD?
Audio CDs are time based. The maximum number of songs is 99. However, the actual number of songs that you can fit on a CD will depend on how long...
19 Jun, 2008