Music Making Software

Mixcraft Home Studio 7 music making software is the perfect way to record your first song. With Mixcraft Home Studio 7 music making software recording music is easy. Mixcraft Home Studio 7 music making software turns your bedroom, dining room or garage into a complete music making studio. Whether you have recorded before or are looking for a seamless, unintrusive workflow, Mixcraft is a veritable music-studio-in-a-box.

Not sure what how to start? Not only is Mixcraft designed with creativity in mind, we also have tons of help, video tutorials and 7 day/week online support.

Music Making Software

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Why Mixcraft?

Mixcraft is easy and intuitive. You could spend months or even years learning how to master the overly-priced or overly-complicated music making programs out there. We believe software should be easy to use! The tool shouldn’t get in your way. Your music making software should help you get your idea down with as little interruption of the creative process as possible. When inspiration strikes, Mixcraft is ready to record.

Mixcraft Music Making Software

It's Affordable

Mixcraft Home Studio 7 includes six virtual instruments and 20 effects. Add reverb, delay, chorus, among others to sweeten the mix. Choose from 2,000 built-in music song kit loops and sound effects. Works with audio interfaces, guitars and microphones. Even edit and score your own videos.

Mixcraft Home Studio 7 is the most powerful and feature packed music making software for only $49. We also offer two other flavors of Mixcraft, including Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 for the ultimate in mastering and boasts an astounding 72 plugins. Mixcraft 7 standard edition has a free trial that you can download now.

Go get Mixcraft now. Available at, BestBuy and other retailers.