Music Production Software

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is a time-tested, rock solid and award winning music production software for Windows. Mixcraft is a versatile music editing tool to complete your music production studio. When inspiration strikes, music producers turn to Mixcraft to get their ideas down.

Mixcraft (MPS7) supports audiophile sample rates and bit depths at incredibly low latencies. It will work effortlessly with your 64-bit plugins and multi-gigabyte sample libraries.

Connect Mixcraft to your pro-audio interface, motorized mixing boards, and light-up button controllers. Scoring a film or TV show? Use the built-in video editing features to produce your own film score.

Music Editing Software Built For Musicians

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Professional Plug-ins

Mixcraft Pro Studio is music production software designed for serious musicians. Mixcraft is the workhorse that producers rely on for fast, musical results. Record simultaneous inputs to capture pristine digital audio from guitar, vocals, drums in one recording session. Add in reverbs, delays, compressors and other mastering tools to produce radio-ready tracks.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 Plug-ins

TB Parametric Equalizer - Six band parametric equalizer with spectrum analysis and mid/side EQ The perfect plug-in for music editing software.

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Just 16 of the 72 plugins!

Everything You Need

MPS7 has over $1100 worth of included plugins, 52 effects and 20 virtual instruments. MPS7 has over 7,000 loops, sound effects and samples. Shape your sound with MPS7’s EQs, compressors, amp simulators, bass enhancers, delays and integrated samplers. All of these advanced features make music editing a breeze.

Mixcraft Music Recording Software