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How To Create A Podcast
A Podcast is a simple way to listen to audio when you want and where you want!  Podcasting is a true revolution in the broadcasting field.  For example, if you had a weekly show offering tips on getting your life organized, you could create a podcast and have your listeners subscribe to your podcast.  Then, simply upload the new weekly show and your audience will instantly receive it via their podcast receiving software such as iTunes or iPodder.


Podcast (definition) - A podcast is an audio broadcast that is downloaded to your computer when you want, at the time you want.  It's original name comes from the fact that people put their podcasts on their Apple iPods.

R.S.S. (definition) - Really Simple Syndication.  This is the XML file which tells your podcast client where the new audio files are.


Podcasts can be any type of audio file.  MP3 is the most common format.  You create an R.S.S. feed that your users subscribe to!


Step 1 Create your audio files!
    Use Mixcraft to create an MP3 file.  Add some music, add your voice, interview the kids on the block, tell jokes, become your town's virtual radio station!  The sky's the limit!

Tutorials On Using Mixcraft

Step 2   Create your RSS file and update it with the latest MP3!
    For example, if you were creating a weekly podcast interviewing star wars fans, you would create a RSS file called 'starwars-fans.xml'.  For your first episode interviewing 'Bobba Fett SanFran', you would create a new 'item' and link it to your mp3.  Add a bit of info describing the first podcast, save it and you're ready to upload it.

See more on creating RSS feeds - Help on creating a Podcast with FeedForAll

Step 3   Upload your RSS file to your website
  1. FTP or upload your 'bobba-fett-sanfran.mp3' file to your website.
  2. Upload your new 'starwars-fans.xml' file to your website
  3. Post a link to your main podcast .... and you're done!
Mixcraft Podcast example  
Here is a short (silly) example of the kind of podcast mp3 you can create with Mixcraft.  
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