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Cross Fade Sounds
A cross fade is when two sounds are overlapped.  While the first sounds volume is lowered over time, the second sound's volume is raised.  

In Mixcraft, creating a cross fade is as simple as drag and drop.  Simply drag or move a sound on top of another sound. 

Cross fade music and burn it to a CD
You may also want to try Acoustica MP3 CD Burner which is easier to play and burn cross faded music!
Example 1 
Cross Fade Example 1Hatch marks show the area that has the cross fade.  This can be very useful for blending two songs together in a seamless manner.
Pros: Very easy and fast. 
Fade is fixed at linear.
Listen to an example of a cross fade!
Additionally, you can manually create a cross fade by setting the envelope points of each sound and positioning the sounds on separate tracks, as shown below.
Example 2 
Cross Fade Example 2
Pros: Exact control of your fade at the time you want it.
Cons: You have to click the mouse 6-8 times!
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