Snap Setting
One convenient way to control the precision of copy, paste, looping, moving and other operations is to set the snap level.  

  You can change the snap level on the time line or by clicking the View menu followed by clicking Snap To Grid followed by clicking the desired snap setting.

The amount of audio that is skipped or snapped to depends on the current time signature and tempo.  Here are the possible snap settings:
  • Off
  • Measure (Bar)
  • 1/2 note
  • 1/4 note
  • 1/8 note
  • 1/16 note
  • 1/32 note
  • 1/64 note
  • 1/4 triplet note
  • 1/8 triplet note
  • 1/16 triplet note

    Tip: When making a loop, it is pretty convenient to get a sound's beats lined up by using the metronome  Then set the snap level to measure and select a measure or two of the sound.  Finally, make it into a loop.