Sound Category
On the Loop Library page, click the Category drop down to select a new category.  This allows you to view the library in a variety of categories.  Choose from the following:
  • Tempo Range
  • Key
  • Mood
  • Style or Genre
  • Instrument
  • Name
  • Song Kit (Default)
  • Date

    You'll find a list of category ranges below the Category drop down control.  Click on an item to populate the current library sounds.  For example, in the Song Kit category you will find the following items: 12-8 Blues, Acid Techno, BDiddley, Blues Shuffle, Country Rock, Country Shuffle, Disco, Dub, Electro Groove, Funk Rock, Hip Hop, Music Beds, Power Ballad, Punk, Reggae One Drop, Sludge Metal, Sound Effects, and Speed Metal just to name a few.