Sounds In Library
After choosing a category, you will see the sounds that fit into the chosen criteria.  

Click the blue Play button next to a sound to audition it.  If you are playing back your project, the software will automatically beat match the auditioning library sound to the current tempo.

Add the sound by clicking the green Add Sound button or drag the sound into the Sound Workspace.

Downloading Sounds
One of the neat features of Mixcraft is that all the loop library sounds are downloaded on demand from our servers.  If you click the play icon or add icon and the sound does not yet exist on your computer, the software will download it from the Internet.  (Of course, to receive any new sounds, you'll need to be connected online.)

Loop Library Details
You can sort the sounds in this view by clicking on any column header.  To sort the column in descending order, click the column again.

Each sound shows the following columns:
  • Name
  • Tempo
  • Number Of Bars (#)
  • Time Signature (Sig)
  • Key
  • Instrument
  • Style
  • Song Kit
  • Mood #1
  • Mood #2
  • Author
  • File Location (Location)

    Each column has two black separator bars and if you move the mouse over the black separator bar, it will turn into a left-right resize cursor which allows you to resize the column.  Double clicking the black separator bar resizes the column to fit the largest text in the column.