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All Tracks Height
This option pops up a sub menu that allows you to choose the height of all tracks.  Choose from Small, Normal or Large.

Timeline Mode
Choose from Measures:Beats or Minutes:Seconds to view the timeline in beats or time mode.

Snap To Grid
Turn off snap or choose a snap setting for the timeline in the pop up sub menu.

Show / Hide Details Area
Shows or hides the details window, which would include project, track, sound or loop library details.

Project Details
Shows the Project Details Tab.

Track Details
Shows the Track Details Tab.

Sound Details
Shows the Sound Details Tab.

Loop Library
Shows the Loop Library.

Zoom In ( + )
Zooms in to the project for a more detailed view.

Zoom Out ( - )
Zooms out for a more overall view.

Zoom To Project ( 0 )
Zooms in or out so that the entire project is visible on the screen.