How Can I Disable Certain Effects From Loading?
Mixcraft has two files, which you can edit to exclude effects from loading.  These files are located in your Mixcraft directory, which defaults to C:\Program Files\Acoustica Mixcraft 4\

DXIgnore.ini  - DirectX effect ignore list
VSTIgnore.ini  - VST effect ignore list 

Simply open or double click the file and then add the name of the effect and set it to equal = 1.  For example,  if you had an effect called 'Digital Media StudioDenoiser' that you didn't want the software to load, you would enter

Digital Media StudioDenoiser=1

Save the ignore file and restart Mixcraft and the effect will not be loaded.   For VST effects, you will need to use the name of the dll such as SuperDuperReverb.dll=1