My CD/DVD Recorder Is Not Supported!
Mixcraft supports two burning engines: Goldenhawk and IMAPI.  If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can use the built in IMAPI burning engine.  The draw back to IMAPI is that it burns two second gaps between tracks on the burned CD.

Goldenhawk is preferred because it is faster, will burn on the fly and burns without gaps between tracks on the burned CD.  Unfortunately, Goldenhawk does not support as many CD and DVD writers.  However, there is some hope.

Since many drives are clones and use the same basic technology, they also share the command system that instructs the CD and DVD writers what to do.  With that in mind, you can try different drive definitions to see if they work with your drive.

Go into the CD Burning Preferences, make sure that Goldenhawk is selected and then click the Goldenhawk Drive Override... button.  This brings up some options for your unsupported devices.  Choose the unsupported drive from the drop down Select A Drive.  First try the Use A Generic CD Writer Drive and then click OK.  Restart the software to see if it's supported by trying a test burn.  If that doesn't work, go back into the Goldenhawk Override dialog and try Use The Driver For This Drive Type option.  Select a drive that sounds similar to your drive.  Consult the web to find out what type of drive it could be cloned from.  Try a drive with the same manufacturer but at a slower speed, etc.  Note that it is not guaranteed to work, but this is an option to try.

Otherwise, switch to IMAPI mode if you are using XP or Vista.