New Project Dialog
The New Project Dialog is displayed when you start a new project.  Choose between three types of projects or load an existing project or project template.

Record Yourself Or Your Band *
This option is best for making recordings from live instruments or your microphone.  Auto Beat Match is off by default and any loaded sounds will not be beat matched unless they are specifically a loop.  The time line view defaults to time mode.  Snap is off by default.

Build Loop & Beat Matched Music *
This option is great for DJs or just anyone constructing music with loops.  Auto Beat Match is on by default and any loaded sound will be beat matched.  This is a good choice if you are making a remix, a mash-up or a loop based song.  The time line view defaults to measure and beats mode.  Snap is set to one quarter note by default.

Build Virtual Instrument Tracks*
This option is great for anyone that wants to play and/or record from a MIDI keyboard or create music from scratch using the bundled virtual synthesizers.  Two Virtual Instrument Tracks and 4 normal audio tracks are created with this option.  The time line view defaults to measure and beats mode.

Load An Existing Project Or Template
Choose an previously loaded project, standard MIDI file or template from the drop down or click Browse and select a project file to load.

* Notes On Project Modes
The main difference between the three options are pretty simple.  If you start in one mode, you don't need to start over.  For example, if you want to auto beat match sounds, simply go to the Project Settings Tab and click the Auto Beat Match button to be on.  If you want snap on or off, click a new snap setting on the toolbar or by choosing Snap To Grid from the View menu and selecting a new snap setting.