The Burned CD Does Not Play In My Car or Home CD Player
There are a few things you can try:
  • Make sure that you actually burned the CD!  Look at the back of the CD under a light and make sure that you see a difference between a burned area and a blank section.
  • Make sure that there aren't any scratches or smudges on the CD data surface.  
  • Try a different blank CD made from a different manufacturer.  See if there is a recommended type of CD for your CD player.
  • Try burning at a slower speed.  Older CD players are not as tolerant and if you burn at a slower speed, it will burn with a higher precision of quality.  Also, some blank CDs are not rated for higher speeds.  Check the information that came with your blank CDs for its burn speed rating.
  • If there is a paper sticker label on the CD, it could be interfering with the weight balance or it may not be spinning at the right speed.  Try a CD without a label on it.
  • Check to see if the CD plays in other CD players, besides your computer.