Burn Audio CD
  To burn an audio CD, click the Burn CD icon on the toolbar.  Alternatively, click on the File menu followed by clicking Burn CD... (Ctrl+B). 

Burning A CD
Insert a blank CD and click the Start Burn button to burn a CD.  After burning an audio CD, the software will ask if you'd like to make a label with the optional Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. Otherwise, you can change some settings for the burn described below.

If you have trouble burning a CD, go to the troubleshooting section.

This is what the cd burning window looks like. 

The options on this screen are described below.

Select a CD writer if you have more than one CD writer in your computer.

Choose a CD writing speed.  In some cases, burning at a slower speed may improve the success rate of burning and may be more compatible in some older CD players.  If you have a CD writer with Burn Proof type protection, you can burn at maximum speed without worrying about a burn failure.

Test Mode
In this mode, the CD writer will not turn its laser on for writing and will go through the process of transferring the data to CD.  If you are having problems burning a CD, go to our troubleshooting area.

Convert To WAV First
This will convert the mix to one or more WAV files on your hard drive.  CD quality WAV files use up around 8 MB for every audio minute that you are burning.  Therefore, a 74 minute mix will take up around 650 MB or hard drive space.  The advantage to converting to WAV first is that it may help the success rate of burns for some older CD recorders, especially if your CD writer does not have Burn Proof.

Create CD-TEXT
Some CD writers support CD-TEXT.  If your CD writer supports CD-TEXT, you should be able to check the CD-TEXT box to burn CD-TEXT.  When you burn CD-TEXT, the software adds text to each CD track so that when you play the CD on a CD player that *supports* CD-TEXT, you can see the titles and names of each track.  Usually, Sony CD players support CD-TEXT.  

You can type in a CD-TEXT title for the CD's title.  Track names will be derived from any CD track markers.

Burn As One Track
This option essentially skips any CD track markers in the project and makes the whole thing one track.  If your burner is only supported in IMAPI mode this is a good option for a seamless mix because IMAPI mode will always put a two second gap between tracks.  (The main drawback is that you can't seek to tracks in the CD player.)

Burn All Or Selection
Choose Burn All to burn up to 80 minutes of audio, depending on the capacity of your blank CD.
Choose Burn Selection to burn the current selection of audio.  This can be useful if your mix goes beyond 74 or 80 minutes and you want to burn the extended sections.  (Note that it simply uses the selection box to define a time range to burn.)

Back Up Your Project To CD