Mix Down To Audio File
Mix down your project to one of the following audio file types: MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG

  Click the Mix Down button on the toolbar or select Mix Down from the File menu, followed by selecting the format you'd like to mix down to.  Alternatively, you can choose Save As.. from the File menu and then click the Save as type drop down control to select the desired format.

Once you are viewing the Save Your Mix window with the correct format, you have the following extra options and details

Format Details
This shows the current format details such as bit rate and channels.  Click Edit Details to change the format details for the current format.  A window will pop up and allow you to change bit rate, channels and other options that may be format specific.

Estimated Size
This shows the approximate size of the mix down in terms of Megabytes (MB).

Create A New File For Each CD Marker
If you've added CD markers to your project, this will cause the mix down to create multiple files for each CD marker it encounters.

Use Marker Titles
If you've chosen to Create A New File For Each CD Marker, this option will use the titles in the marker for the name of the file and the tag.

Use File/Tag Information
Click this option if you want the audio file(s) to be tagged with the project's author information and CD track names (if set).  Click Tag Info... to edit the project's author information.

Use Selection
If you've made a selection, you have the option of just mixing down the audio in the time range of the selection.