Recording Audio Clips
Recordings are placed on armed tracks.  When a track is armed, it means that it is ready for recording.  Just click the Arm button on a track to prepare for recording.  

After clicking the armed button, it should turn red signifying that it is ready for recording.

You should see a level or signal coming in on the track, as shown below.  

If you don't see a level or it's not a very strong level, go to the Track section for more on arming tracks and setting the correct recording source.

Sounds will be recorded at a default of CD quality.  This can be changed in the Sound Device Preferences by clicking Preferences from the File menu and clicking on Sound Device.

  When you are ready to record, click the record button on the master bar.

The software will start recording and the new sound will be displayed in red.

In addition to recording, if there are any other sounds in the project, the software will start playing back the project simultaneously.

You can use a recording timer to limit the amount of recording, especially if Mixcraft is running unattended.

For more details on recording, punch in recording, click here.