Piano Roll Editor
The piano roll editor allows you to edit the MIDI data for a Virtual Instrument Clip.  Just double click a Virtual Instrument Clip or right click on a Virtual Instrument Clip and select Edit to bring up the Piano Roll Editor.  (The Piano Roll Editor is located on the Sound Details area when a Virtual Instrument Clip is selected.)

Each blue box represents a note.  The note is determined by how it lines up with the vertical piano, hence, the name 'piano roll'.  Click on a piano note to audition how it will sound.

Piano Roll Buttons And Controls

Selecting Notes
Click on a note to select it.  Alternatively, select the Arrow tool and drag a selection.  All notes that fall within the selection rectangle will become selected.  Hold down the Shift or Control key to multi-select notes.  

Double click a note on the piano roll keyboard and all notes of that value will become selected.  
Click anywhere besides a note to deselect it or press the Esc key.

Selected notes will appear black.

Moving Notes
Select a note and drag it.  You can be in either arrow or pencil mode.

(Before moving.)

Move the note or notes by dragging up, down, left or right.  The piano roll will auto scroll if you go beyond the extents of the window.  Movement will be aligned based on the Piano Roll's snap level.

(After moving.)

Editing Notes
Move your mouse to the left or right side until it turns to a left-right arrow cursor.  You can resize a note by drag and drop.  Resizing will be aligned based on the Piano Roll's snap level.

(Before resizing.)

(After resizing.)

You can also edit a note or group of notes by right clicking and selecting "Edit..."  The note edit dialog will pop up and allow you to edit the specifics, which include:
  • Start time (Measure, beat and fractional beat)
  • Duration (Measures, beats and fractional beats)
  • Note value (A0-G10)
  • Velocity ON (1-127)
  • MIDI Channel (1-16)
  • Velocity OFF ( 0-127)

    Quantizing Notes
    You can quantize a note or a group of selected notes by clicking the Quantize... button. 
    More on quantizing notes...

    Snapping In The Piano Roll
    The piano roll has its own snap level which allows you to edit and move notes to exact measure and beat positions.  If you find that you cannot move or resize a note, try turning off the piano roll snap.  Click on the snap button and select a new snap setting.

    Editing Controller Information
    You can edit controller information in the controller area in the lower portion of the piano roll.

    Copy, Cut, Paste And Clipboard Operations
    You can select a group of notes to copy, cut or paste in the expected manner.  You can use the keyboard shortcuts or simply right click on the Piano Roll Editor and select the appropriate operation.  Once you copy or cut some notes or partial notes, the notes reside in the clipboard.  You can paste them at the position of the playback indicator.  Alternatively, you can select notes and paste them to a new clip on track by clicking on a track, positioning the caret in the desired location and then pasting.

    More on editing and viewing controller information...