Quantizing Notes
Quantization is the process of aligning a set of musical notes to a precise setting.  This results in notes being set on beats and on exact fractions of beats.

Click the Quantize... button on the Piano Roll Editor to quantize the notes.

Quantize All or Selection
Choose whether to quantize the selected notes or all the notes in the current virtual instrument clip.

You can quantize the start of the note(s) and/or the duration(s).  After making your choice, click OK to quantize the note(s).

Quantizing Note Start
Click the checkbox next to Quantize Note Start and then choose a setting.  The software will move all notes to the closest beat or partial beat, based on the selection.  In addition, you have the option of choosing a swing setting.  If you want to quantize with swing, click Swing Amount.  Swing will offset every note that is on an odd beat or odd partial beat, depending on the quantize note start setting.  

For example, if you had a recording of eighth notes and set your Quantize Note Start to be eighth notes and then set your swing to 30%, you would end up with a rhythm wherevery other eighth note is offset by 30% to the next eighth note.

This shows the eighth notes before the swing quantization:

We then quantize to eighth notes with a 35% swing.

Quantizing Note Length
Click the checkbox next Quantize Note Length and then choose a setting.  The software will align the end of the note to the closest beat or partial beat, based on the selection.  

Please note that if you have this set to eighth note and you are actually quantizing a whole note, it will not adjust the length of the note to an eighth note, but rather align it to the closest eighth note!