Piano Roll Buttons And Controls
These are the tools and controls for the Piano Roll Editor.


There are three tools on the piano roll editor. 

Arrow: A selection tool.  
Pencil: Add new notes with the pencil.
Eraser: Remove notes with the eraser.

Duration Buttons

Choose a default duration when adding a new note with the pencil tool.  Choose from whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note and thirty-secondth note.  In addition, you can choose from the two modifiers: Dotted Note Modifier and Triplet Note Modifier.  For example, if you had eighth notes chosen and then added the Triplet Note Modifier, the pencil would create eighth triplet notes.

Default Velocity

Snap Level

Quantizing Notes

Controller Area
The controller area is on the lower portion of the window.  You can resize the controller area by clicking on the gray bar and dragging it.  Choose a controller type by selecting the controller drop down below the piano roll keyboard.

More on editing and viewing controller information.