Controller Information
You can edit MIDI controller data on the bottom portion of the Piano Roll Editor on the Sound Details tab.

Choose The Controller Type
Click the drop down on the left hand side to pick a specific controller.  Alternatively, you can type in a controller number from 0 to 127.  You can choose from the following controller types:
  • Velocity (Special 'controller' that is linked to notes in the piano roll.)
  • Velocity (Special 'controller' that is linked to notes in the piano roll.)
  • Program Change
  • Channel Pressure
  • Pitch Wheel
  • Modulation

    If the clip has controller information for a specific controller, the controller will appear in bold in the drop down list.

    Editing Controller Data
    There are two modes in the controller window: Drawing and Erasing.
    Select the eraser button to erase controller data and select either the arrow or pencil tool to draw controller data.

    In this example, we are going to modify the velocity of the notes so that it ramps up.  Here is the way it looks initially.  Each line represents the velocity of the note in the piano roll above.

    Now we click down and drag the mouse to draw the following shape.  The dark blue represents the area we have drawn.

    When we are satisfied, we release the mouse and we end up with the following ascending velocities.

    If you need more room or pixels to edit the controller data, simply click on the bar at the top of the controller area and drag it up or down to resize the controller area.

    Precise Editing Of Controller Information
    Sometimes you may want to edit a controller to a specific value, but it is too difficult to move your mouse to the exact pixel on the screen.  For all controllers, besides Velocity, you can right click to add, edit or delete controller information.

    For example, if you want an external synthesizer to switch to patch 67, choose the "Program Change" controller, move to the start of the track, right click and select "Add Controller" from the menu.  A dialog box will pop up and allow you to type in 67. Click OK and you will now have a program change #67.

    The options that will appear on the right click menu are:
  • Add Controller
  • Edit Controller
  • Delete Controller
  • Delete All Controllers