General Preferences
These are the general options that weren't special enough to have their own preference page. :)

Play Exported Files After They're Created
After you mix down to an audio file, this option will launch the associated player to play it.

Set Playback Indicator When Clicking Inside Sound Workspace
When clicking in the Sound Workspace, this option will set the Playback Indicator at the click location.  It will also restart playback from this location if the project is playing back.

Change Project Tempo And Key To Match First Sound
When adding loops or sounds with a known key or tempo, the software will change the master tempo and/or key so that it sounds good.  For example, if a sound was normally at 68 bpm and you tried to play it at 120 bpm, it would sound terrible.  Time stretching works best when the tempos are no more than 10 to 30% different.  This option conveniently sets the tempo or key of the project to match the sound's tempo or key.

Ask To Change Project Tempo And Key On First Sound
This option will cause the software to prompt you to see if you want to change the tempo or key for the Change Project Tempo And Key To Match First Sound option mentioned above.

Temporary Files Directory
Choose a directory to store any temporary files used by Mixcraft, such as peak data, beat map data and other data to make the software run smoother.  Click Browse... to choose a new directory.

Delete Temporary Files
This will delete all temporary files and folders under the Temporary Files Directory listed above.  This includes all .tmp, .isk, .beatmap .isk, and .ipk files used in Mixcraft.

External Wave Editor
Choose an external wave editor to be used with the Edit In External Editor feature.  Click Browse... to locate the executable file (.exe) that runs the external audio editor.