How To Customize Your Tracks
You can edit the color, name, track image and size of your tracks.  Make them look personalized for organizational purposes or just for fun.

For example, if you are recording a pod cast, you can add an image of the person you are recording on track one.  Or you can add images of each band member so that it's always clear which track they are on.

Change the color of your tracks for better organization. Some people assign all the bass parts to blue, drum parts to black and vocals to green, for example.  Go to the track section for more on changing a track's color.

If you are recording your band and have your external mixer or sound device on the same mics and line levels, you can set up the tracks, arm them appropriately and save your project as a template so that the next time you start a new song, you don't have to do any setup.

If you need to edit a sound's volume or pan and need to see the peaks better, you can resize the track for more detail.