How To Record Audio
You can record anything from your computer's microphone to your entire band with each member on its own track. It depends on the sound devices or sound card hooked up to your computer.

Getting Ready To Record
Before you can record, you need to actually hook up your microphone, plug in guitar and make the necessary physical connections from input device to the computer.   Consult your sound device's manual or browse the Internet for help with your sound device.

Arming Tracks
When you record in Mixcraft, you need to prepare, ready or arm a track.  Click the Arm button on a track or use the arm option on the track menu.  Once it's armed, the track is ready to record.

If you have a special sound device that allows multiple inputs, you'll need to make sure to arm the correct input.  For example, if you had a four channel input device and your guitar was on input 3, you'd need to make sure that you arm input 3, otherwise it might not record anything!  Click the arrow next to the arm button and choose the correct input.

Arm as many tracks as you can for true multitrack recording.

Recording Source
If you are in Wave mode and are recording from your sound card's CD, microphone or line-in, you'll need to select the correct recording source and recording level.  You can do this by clicking the Arm arrow, selecting your sound device, followed by clicking Stereo Source.  Choose the source that you'd like to record from.  Adjust the track's red recording level slider to an appropriate recording volume.

Start Recording
Now that you have the correct recording input and/or source selected and the track or tracks.  Click the record button on the Master Bar and start playing your instrument.  If you have any existing sounds in the project, the software will play those back simultaneously.  When you are finished, click the Stop button.