MIDI Preferences
These preferences are for M.I.D.I.

MIDI Input (Recording) Interface
If you have MIDI interfaces or MIDI keyboards, choose the interface that you'd like to play and record from.  The default is All MIDI Devices.

"Chase" Unfinished Midi Notes on Playback And Looping
MIDI is not actual sound.  MIDI is the instructions to play sound.  Therefore, what happens if you start playing a note in the middle?   If you play a piano note and it starts off vibrant and decays over time, MIDI has no way of telling the synthesizers to start playing the note from the middle.  It assumes that it should start from the beginning each time.  When "Chase" is on, it means that we send Note On messages even if we are not at the exact beginning.  This will lead to a different sounding performance depending on where you start your playback from.  The converse with "Chase" off, means that if you start in the middle of a note, it will not play and will simply be skipped.

Default Virtual Instrument
Choose an instrument to be the default instrument when creating a new Virtual Instrument Track.

Default General MIDI (GM) Instrument
Mixcraft will use this synthesizer when importing General MIDI files (.MID).

Default MIDI Settings
This button will revert this page back to the default settings.