Mixcraft supports loading and saving of video.  It is designed so that you can do the following:
  • Add a musical soundtrack to a video.
  • Add sound effects to a video.
  • Get millisecond accurate syncing of video to sound.
  • Export your project to video for burning DVDs or uploading to the Internet.

    Learn more about the Video Track
    Learn more about video clips

    Saving Your Video
    Mixcraft supports saving video to AVI or WMV.  AVI is uncompressed and will be larger than WMV.  If you are uploading to Google's YouTube, you should choose "WMV" as it will be compressed automatically on YouTube's servers.  

    To save your project as a video, click the File menu, followed by Mix Down To, followed by AVI or WMV.   To set the quality and other details, click Edit Details...   

    If you are saving to WMV, you can choose a preset or you can click Specify Settings followed by clicking Settings... to choose more detailed options.  See more on the WMV Compression Settings dialog.