A selection is an area that you'd like to edit or work on.

Click down on the Sound Workspace or on a sound and then drag the cursor to create a selection.  Selections show up as transparent rectangles.  Selections obey the snap setting.

In this example, the user has clicked down in the Sound Workspace area and while holding down the mouse button, moves the mouse towards the sound.  The user continues to drag the selection rectangle over the sound.  (The sound becomes selected as the selection rectangle intersects it.)

You can also make a selection by clicking on the sound and dragging. (Note that the cursor should look like an I-Beam cursor .)

As you move the mouse, the selection changes.

Selecting Individual Sounds
You can also select sounds by clicking on a sound's title bar.

You can toggle the selection of multiple sounds by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key and clicking the title bar of each sound.

Selecting All Sounds On A Track
To select all sounds on a track, click on the track to select it.  Choose Select All Sounds On This Track from the Track menu.  Alternatively, you can double click a track header or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A.

Selecting All Sounds In Project
To select all the sounds in the project, choose Select All from the Edit menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A.

Unselect Sounds
To unselect any selected sounds, push the Esc key.

Operations That Work On Selections
Once you've made a selection, you can cut, copy and paste the current selection.  Other operations that use a selection include: Splitting sounds, removing space between clips, trimming silence, normalizing sounds, merging clips, creating fades or boosting or reducing audio.