How To Manipulate Sounds
So how do you playback sound?  You'll need to add some audio clips to your project.  

Add A Sound
There are several ways to add sound to your project.  You can load any sound on your computer or drag in sounds from the loop library.
In this example, we are going to add a sound from the loop library.

Click the Library tab.

Let's add the Reggae style drums.  On the category drop down, make sure that Song Kit is selected and then click on Reggae One Drop.  Click the + icon next to the Drums or drag the sound into the Sound Workspace area.  If the software asks you if you want to change the tempo of the project, click Yes.

We now have a sound in our project. 

Once a sound is in your project, you can do all kinds of edits to it, including looping, time stretching, pitch shifting, editing the volume and pan.

Learn more about editing and manipulating sounds here.