Menus & Toolbar

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Toolbar Buttons

New Project
Create a new project.

Load Project
Load an existing project or template.

Save Project
Save the current project.

Add Sound
Add a sound to the Project. (MP3, WAV, AIF, OGG or WMA)

Show Loop Library
Shows the Loop Library details area.

Undo Last Action
Undo your last action or command.

Redo Last Action
Redo an action that you've 'un-done' via Undo.

Burn Audio CD
Burn your project to a standard audio CD.

Mix Down
Mix down your project to a single audio file.

Zoom Out 
Zoom out to view more time.

Zoom In
Zoom in for a closer view.

Brings up the Preference dialog.

Buy or Register Mixcraft
Purchase Mixcraft and enter your registration information.  More on purchasing and registration.

Select Envelope
Selects the current envelope type for all sounds in workspace.  Choose from Volume, Pan, Low Pass Filter, Low Pass Resonance, High Pass Filter, High Pass Resonance.

Snap Settings
The Snap Setting allows you to edit in precise lengths of measures, 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes or one millisecond precisions.  To turn snap off, click the snap button and choose "Snap Off".  To snap to the measure, choose "Snap Measure" or "Snap Bar".