Normally, Mixcraft has a trial period of 7 days (this may vary.)  After the trial period is over, you will need to purchase the software in order to burn audio CDs or mix down. 

Purchasing The Software
To purchase a registration code, click the "Buy Now!" item from the "Help" menu or the click the 'ying-yang' button on the toolbar. 

If you have Mixcraft LE (Light Edition), you do not need to purchase a registration code.  

Otherwise, click "Buy a code!" to launch the web browser with the purchase website.

Purchase Methods
Once on the website, you should find the following options available.
  • Credit card.
  • Pay Pal - pay via the popular service Pay Pal.
  • Traditional postal mail - mail a money order or check. 
  • Phone Order - Make a call to send payment.
  • Stores - Some brick & mortar stores sell Mixcraft.

    The price of registration is about the cost of going out to dinner!  
    (If you have Mixcraft LE, you do not need to purchase the software.)

    Entering In Your Registration Information
    Once you have purchased the software, you should receive instructions on completing the registration and entering in your registration code. 

    Type in or copy and paste your "Registration ID" (usually your email address)  in the Step 3 edit box and type in or copy and paste the 20 character "Registration Code" (excluding dashes) into the Step 4 edit box.  (Make sure to not enter in any extra spaces, as well.)

    Thank You!
    Your support and contribution will go towards unlimited use of Mixcraft.  Paying for a registration code helps our business and lets us continue to write great software!