Mixcraft 5 Mini Tips

Learn about the latest tips and tricks in these Mini Tips for Mixcraft 5.

Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Noise Reduction Optimize Your PC For Use With Mixcraft
November 19, 2010
How to optimize your computer for the best audio recording and playback it can provide. Including tips for resolving issues such as crackling, gapping and other audio recording issues.

Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Noise Reduction Adjusting Vocal Pitch
October 28, 2010
This tutorial shows how to adjust the pitch of recorded vocals up or down to match the tune of other instruments within a musical project using the pitch controls within Mixcraft 5

Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Noise Reduction How to Create Beats
October 12, 2010 Part 1 & Part 2
This two part Mini-Tip demonstrates three different ways to create a beat within Mixcraft for use with hip-hop, country, rock, blues or any other style of music. Part 1/2 demonstrates using virtual instruments to arrange percussion samples for creating a simple beat.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Noise Reduction Noise Reduction
February 24, 2010  
Learn how to remove hum or background noise from your recordings or audio files. Great for cleaning up constant background noise such as air conditioners, fans, hum, guitar amp noise, etc.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: ALT Drag to Copy ALT Drag to Copy
February 20, 2010  
Simply hold down the ALT key in Mixcraft 5, select any type of clip and move the mouse. A copy will be instantly created. Move the mouse to position the clip. Very handy and fast if you do a lot of copying and pasting!
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Linking Clips Linking Clips
March 08, 2010  
In Mixcraft 5, you can link sound and video clips together so that they retain their relative offsets. Very useful.
Mixcraft 5 Mini TIps: Adding Effects to Send Tracks How to add effects to a part of a track (SEND tracks)
March 09, 2010  
This is a mini tip that shows how to add an effect such as delay or echo to a part of a track or sound. The trick is to use the new Send track feature in Mixcraft 5. You can route audio from any track to a Send Track in Mixcraft 5
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Create T-Pain Effect How To Make/Create The T-Pain effect on your voice
March 10, 2010  
You can use Mixcraft 5 to add the T-Pain auto-tune vocal pitch correction to your voice. Watch the video, download the GSnap VST effect and add it to a track with your voice on it. In no time, you'll have that famous T-Pain auto-tune effect.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Midi and Virtual Instrument Setup How To Setup And Use MIDI and Virtual Instruments
March 10, 2010  
How to use MIDI in Mixcraft 5 and how to get rid of latency and delays from when you press a key to when you hear the sound. Also shows how to use the new built in Musical Typing Keyboard (MTK). Always use ASIO or WaveRT over WAVE. WAVE is the worst. Use WaveRT or ASIO which you can find in the Preferences under "Sound Device".
How to Connect to Your Guitar
May 31, 2010  
In this tutorial I demonstrate three different methods for connecting a guitar to your computer for recording within Mixcraft and also hearing the guitar playback in real time at low or zero latency, enabling you to use plugins like "shred" in real time.
Shred guitar amp simulator Shred Amp Simulator
April 30, 2010  
This video shows how to use the "Shred" plugin that ships with Acoustica Mixcraft, then goes into a full blown song created with real drums, real bass, guitar running through shred and no guitar amp and all recorded with Mixcraft 5. No loops, midi or virtual instruments used. Thanks to Eric Vanlandingham! Learn how to make your guitar squeal without an actual real live amp.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: How To Share Projects Between Computers How To Share Projects Between Computers
May 17, 2010  
How to save your Mixcraft project and all associated audio files to a zip archive for moving to another computer.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: GTune Guitar Tuner GTune Guitar Tuner
May 20, 2010  
How to tune your guitar, bass or keyboard using the GTune pluigin that comes with Mixcraft. GTune is now included with the download of Mixcraft 5.1.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Installing VST Effects Installing VST Effects
June 5, 2010  
This tutorial explains how to add third party VST effects for use with Mixcraft.
Record Your Guitar in Stereo Record Your Guitar in Stereo
July 21, 2010
Demonstrating how to record your guitar on two tracks simulataneously for a great stereo sound using two completely different sounds by choosing different presets within the Shred Guitar Amp Simulation plugin that ships with Mixcraft.
Creating Mixcraft Presets Creating Mixcraft Presets
July 13, 2010 Part 1 & Part 2
A tutorial on how to create presets from multiple instruments in Mixcraft 5.
Mix an Entire Song Start to Finish - Part 1 Mix an Entire Song Start to Finish
June 8, 2010
How to create an entire song within Mixcraft from start to finish. Includes recording drums, guitars, vocals, bass, equalizing, editing, effects and mastering.
Mixcraft 5 Mini Tip: Mastering or Mixing down Without Distortion Mastering or Mixing down Without Distortion
April 27, 2010  
Many people create audio that is too hot or is distorting on mix down. Here are some quick tips to avoid distortion. Lower the volume on tracks, use a Master Limiter on the Master track. In addition, you can EQ tracks using the new mixer view.