Mixcraft 6 Teacher's Guide

Mixcraft Teachers Guide

Mixcraft is a fun and easy-to-use program that instantly turns your computer into a fully-stocked music recording studio. Mixcraft Teacher's Guide is the ideal compliment for educational programs that use Mixcraft in the classroom.

The book examines Mixcraft’s many capabilities including composing music, recording, mixing, adding effects, and working with video. The Teacher's Guide provides numerous examples of how to incorporate Mixcraft into both music and non-music assignments, including marketing and advertising, podcast creation, and spoken word performances.

The Teacher's Guide contains 13 inventive lessons designed for grade school through high school classes. Together, these lessons address all of the National Standards for Music Education (NSME).

Along with the book is a free “Additional Materials Download” which includes helpful teaching aids, such as printable lesson plans, fun example projects, video clips, and other useful resources.

Mixcraft Teacher's Guide

Mixcraft’s Teaching Guide is designed to compliment educational programs that use Mixcraft. The book examines Mixcraft’s many capabilities including, for example, digital signal processing and music composition. Suggestions on how Mixcraft can be incorporated into both music and non-music assignments (such as marketing/advertising, podcast creation, and the spoken word performances) are provided throughout the course of the book. Also with the book is an “Additional Material Download” which includes teaching aids, such as printable lesson plans (in .pdf form), that give students and educators the ability to work through assignments together. Most importantly however, the text offers strategies for teaching these principles and articulates complex concepts in terms that students will understand. In addition, the internet contains many tutorials on various areas of Mixcraft use. Acoustica’s YouTube page contains dozens of Mixcraft tutorial that are guided by Craig Anderton. Finally, Mixcraft has an excellent “Help” section accessible once the software has been opened. Feel free to use these resources in conjunction with this manual.

There has been a strong demand for lesson plans specifically designed for Mixcraft. Consequently, the final two-thirds of this manual offer detailed, exemplary lesson plans that are designed specifically for grade school, middle school, and high school students. The lesson plans are divided by estimated classroom time and by relevance to interdisciplinary topics.

Book Layout

  • Chapter 1 begins with suggestions on constructing a music lab. Various designs are offered to help educators create an ideal teaching environment.

  • Chapter 2 examines Mixcraft’s various functions and features including details of the interface and preferences for tweaking the software to match the demands of the individual classroom.

  • Chapters 3 and 4 offer brief tutorials on two principal areas – how to use both audio and MIDI with Mixcraft. For educators interested in developing film or video lesson plans,

  • Chapter 5 covers Mixcraft’s video functions. All of the software’s extra features, such as plugins, virtual instruments

  • Chapter 6 covers audio loops.

  • Chapter 7 covers what presumably the majority of educators will be interested in – music composition using Mixcraft.

  • Chapter 8 covers the formal introduction to these comprehensive lesson plans.