Alternate download links

After clicking a download link, you should see a file download window similar to the screenshot below.

(The file will come from either or These sites host our download files.)

Click "Open" or "Run" The software will begin to download and then proceed to install!

Note that the only difference between the trial version and the paid version of our software is that you need to enter a registration code to make the trial version into a full paid version. A registration will be emailed to you by purchasing the software. Click here to Buy MP3 CD Burner.


  • XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Not Windows 8 Compatible
  • Optional DAO CD Recorder for burning
  • Recommended CPU: Pentium II - 400 Mhz or AMD equivalent
  • Uses about 3 - 6 MB RAM
  • Optional soundcard
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- Jay Kinney