What's new in 4?
1. Automatic Fades For Incomplete Songs!
  Have you ever had that experience where you've burned a CD and are happily listening to it with a friend and suddenly the music just stops right in the middle?  This type of embarrassing moment usually happens when the friend is asking "how did you make this great CD?"  One of the great features of version 4.0 is that it automatically applies a fade out to incomplete songs so that it sounds like it was naturally faded out.  The software will warn you that it is incomplete by showing the symbol next to it.

Automatic Incomplete Song Detection And Fade Out!

2. Automatic Boost Volume Leveling!
  Another potential issue when burning mix CDs is the problem of having songs at various volume levels.  Nothing is more frustrating than to have to reach down and adjust the volume for each song that comes on.  In previous versions of our software, it would normalize the sound.  Unfortunately, normalization does work for all songs.  Boosting will help to bring those really weak songs up in perceived volume.  In addition, it will help those old recordings sound more modern by bringing up the lower dynamics.  This method is also known as 'dynamic compression'.  The software will automatically analyze and determine if any song needs Boosting.

 Automatic Boosting Of Songs

3. Trim Sounds To Get Rid Of Unwanted Applause, Advertisements Or Silence.
Trimming Audio Is Very Easy! Many songs have extra silence, applause or advertisements.  Get rid of them conveniently directly in the software by selecting the sound and then clicking the 'Mixing' button.  Simply adjust the "Trim Start" or "Trim End" for the sound and click "OK"!
4. Fade & Mix Each Song Exactly The Way You Want It!
No other burner gives you this kind of control!  Fade your music together to make seamless transitions just like the radio DJs do.  Make slow fades, quick fades or even no fades!

To hear how it sounds, click the "Preview Mix" button.

Mix each track this way and impress your friends!

Fade, Mix, And Trim All In One Window!
5. EQ Each Song Individually With A 10 Band Graphic Equalizer.
EQ Each Song! This EQ doesn't just adjust how things sound when you are playing them in Acoustica.  It also adjusts the EQ for the actual burn!  And you can change the settings for each song!  Give the song a bumping Bass boost or increase the treble for audio books, etc.
6. Faster Burning! Up To 2X Faster!
Up To 2X Faster Burning! The new burner no longer requires you to convert to WAV, unless you want to.  All effects, processing and adjustments are burned on the fly which means that the time to burn an audio CD is 2 times faster.  

(No more converting to WAV files!)

7. High End 32 bit Sound Engine For Super High Quality Audio!
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner sports a brand new high quality 32 bit floating point accurate sound engine which will mix and burn your songs for the ultimate in high fidelity.  All low quality songs are "Anti-aliased" so that they sound good on an Audio CD.
8. Much Improved Import/Sound Scan.
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.0 makes it really easy to find your songs.  The new 'import' or 'sound scan' allows you to specify the exact folders to look in or search your entire computer.  The 'Suggest Folder' option will quickly locate folders that may contain audio files.
9. OGG Support!
OGG is a royalty free format that is higher quality than MP3 or WMA.  You can now rip your audio CDs directly to OGG and burn OGG files!
10. More Supported CD Recorders!
The new version supports more CD and DVD recorders.  And if it doesn't support it with the default engine (Goldenhawk), we have a backup burning engine (Gear) for even added support.  See list of supported recorders.