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How to turn off your task tray programs

  The "task tray" is in the lower right hand corner of your computer.
The "task tray" is where your virus application and other programs live.  

This is a close-up of what it may look like before hand.


You should right click on each icon on the task tray and try to exit, quit or disable as many as them as possible. ( If you do not disable this and you have a slower computer, this could result in a burn failure.)   

The screen shot below shows how you disable Norton AntiViris.  Your programs will be different.


After you've closed, quit and paused as many task tray programs as possible, your task tray might look similar to this.


Of course, make sure to close any other programs you may be using such as MS-Word or your email program.

Also, don't forget to re-enable your task tray programs, especially your virus program!  (Right click on your virus task tray icon to restart it.)

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