Version 2.5 build 24- June 22, 2007

  • Fix to mp3 tags - Windows Media Player did not read them properly!

Version 2.5 build 23- August 02, 2006

  • Fix for creating mp3 files. Tags were not compatible with some products/programs.

Version 2.5 build 22- June 5th, 2005

  • Fix for reading some bad audio files.

Version 2.5 build 21- May 13th, 2005

  • Fix for registry reading related crash in a weird way.

Version 2.5 build 20- April 15th, 2005

  • Removed DRM'd WMA ability from build. (Although version 19 complied with the Microsoft DRM rules, it actually was still calling up the Internet to see if it was OK to convert. With the converter, according to Microsoft, no file with DRM can be trans-coded. So why did Microsoft even bother to license it to us? Regardless. you can only burn these songs after purchasing the burn rights for about 70 to 90cents per song. If you need to burn WMA's from Walmart or Napster, etc, try Acoustica MP3 CD Burner!)
  • Fixed problem when right clicking and the right click menus had not been set up...Would happen if trying to run the software in an account that it was not installed on.

Version 2.5 build 19- April 14th, 2005

  • Fixes tag issues with WMA (Track number missing)
  • Fixes bug converting some small sounds
  • Fixes issues with Save As dialog when another file exists with the same name.
  • Fixes bug when ripping CDs and tag info. (Was not using genre and track #)
  • Fixes bug when converting to WAV and then back. (Tags were not being preserved!)
  • Fixes bug that allowed some users to convert WMA's with DRM.
  • Fixes reading of MP3 tags made by Real Networks

Version 2.5 build 17- April 1st, 2005

  • Fixes Mp3 nag screen when converting to mp3 issue
  • Fixes possible crash / mem overwrite when launching preferences.
  • WMA issue on WinXP SP2 (the weird one).
  • Fixes the plus turns into pro issue.

Version 2.5 build 15- March 17th, 2005

  • Fix for converting more than 2000 songs at a time.
  • Fixes for changing to converter plus and back
  • Fix for mp3 id3v2 genre tag not carrying over
  • 'Never convert to higher bit rate than necessary' works again.
  • Dropping files to the converter pro icon works again.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.5 build 8- July 11th, 2004

  • Brand new sound engine
  • Anti-aliasing support!
  • Convert from 24 bit, 32 bit WAV files! Great for Pros!
  • Convert from any WAV sampling rate! Great for Pros!
  • Bug fixes!

Version 2.341 - July 2nd, 2003

  • Fixed freeze if there was a new Esellerate engine available.
  • Added new Esellerate engine, as well.

Version 2.33 - May 27th, 2003

  • New Feature:. Ability to right click on a folder and convert the entire folder and sub folders to a specified format.
  • Bug Fix: Input file did not close which would cause the converter to stop after about 1000 songs. (For those people really into converting. :) )
  • Bug Fix: Memory leak on some O/S
  • Bug Fix: Mem overwrite in shell dll if you right clicked on a file with an extension > 3 characters on WinXP.

Version 2.28 - February 14th, 2003

  • Has fix to playlist parsing problem with m3u, pls, etc.
  • Launching browser fix

Version 2.26 - January 23rd, 2003

  • Important bug fix where it would fail to convert some songs and in some cases only convert a second. This usually happened going to non CD quality format WAV files.
  • Some WMA files would not load if their tags were corrupt. (fixed)

Version 2.24 - January 13th, 2003

  • Important bug fix where software would freeze due to the recent addition of WMA support. If you had or have a situation where you would type in an edit box and the software would freeze, get this version.

Version 2.22 - October 9, 2002

  • Decodes and encodes Microsoft WMA files now!
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.08 - April 25, 2002

  • Number of free conversions changed to 7.
  • Fix for total # of conversions allowed at a time. Can now queue up to 1000 files.
  • Converting a file to the same format in Converted Audio Files directory now updates the display to show correct filename.

Version 2.07 - March 15, 2002

  • Fix for right clicking issues on WinXP/2000/NT (Converting from WAV to MP3 or selecting the Options from the right click menu and not having the correct behavior occur would have been the symptom.)
  • Fix for prompt string not displaying correctly on WinXP/2000/NT (minor)
  • Fix for proper ID3v2 tagging when converting from MP3 to MP3

Version 2.03 - Jan 04, 2002

  • Fix for bad bug where deleting the temporary directory would delete all files. If you had set your directory to C:\ or another important directory and then clicked the button "Delete Temporary Files" it could delete all files, in addition to the ones that MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS created.

Version 2.02 - Dec 20, 2001

  • Added support info for XP
  • Problem converting short wav files in some rare cases.
  • Enhanced affiliate support crediting (Power Pack and old method)
  • Fixed graphic that you are converting to to show up properly during the scanning/normalizing stage.

Version 2.01 - Dec 15, 2001

  • Bug fix for MP3 not using correct encoder on a fresh machine
  • Bug fix for short MP3 files not decoding fully
  • Incorrect string in re-associate call

Version 2.0 - Dec 11, 2001

  • Converts from WAV -> MP3
  • Detects incomplete files
  • Detects & removes silence from the beginning and end of songs
  • Better right click functionality and options
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.21 - May 22, 2001

  • Registration name added to registration system.
  • Help File has a button called "Active Edit" which exposes a bug - fixed
  • Will not convert files to the root directory of a cdr drive such as E: or F: (It will convert to C: though) - fixed
  • There is a way to get unlimited free conversions in version 1.19...I am not going to post it though. - fixed
  • Various files which would not convert - fixed

Version 1.19 - September 28th, 2000

  • If the new version of WinAmp is uninstalled, it does not fully uninstall and the converter will think it is associated, but it actually is pointing to a dead end.
  • Audible glitches can be heard on some files submitted. I have found that this is happening on some files that the converter did not have problems with in the past - Thanks to Marc Wamsley

Version 1.18 - September 18th, 2000

  • Fixes small pops or ticks would be heard in quieter passages of some conversions. This bug has been around since version 1.16. Thanks to a couple of you for reporting this!
  • Also cleaned up a cosmetic bug on the installation.

Version 1.17 - September 17th, 2000

  • Fixes parsing .m3us where the the m3u did not have an absolute path.

Version 1.16 - September 8th, 2000

  • Improvements for those on NT in a restricted user mode. Still must be installed in Admin mode for the right click to work, unfortunately.
  • "First frame bug" - fixes conversions for mp3s that had weird header causing the software to render 'mono' or lesser quality wav files.
  • Better error message when converting file of 0 KB.
  • Fix for some normalizations on certain mp3s.

Version 1.15 - August 23rd, 2000

  • No more "register today" sound. Now you have 33 free conversions and an 11 free conversion extension if desired.
  • Clearer indication of the # of free conversions left.
  • Support for 3rd parties selling the software.
  • Better ID3 parsing for corrupt files.

Version 1.14 - July 27th, 2000

  • Fixes bug normalizing some mp3s that had variable sample rates.
  • Better ID3 parsing - Thanks to Bill C.

Version 1.13 - July 19th, 2000 (quick patch II )

  • Fixes a bug decoding MP3 files that are in the RIFF format with type RMP3 . Thanks to Rabia Julaidan for finding this!

Version 1.12 - July 18th, 2000 (quick patch)

  • Fixes bug where the new version wouldn't work on Win95. Bad Joseph! (Was calling a non-existant function on Win95) Thanks to Eduardo Ortiz!

Version 1.11 - July 17th, 2000

  • Adds feature for converting .mpg, .mp1, .mp2.
  • Adds feature for converting .m3u and .pls (Winamp/Napster and Sonique playlists.) Will ask if you want to choose all, none or some of the files in the play list.
  • Adds feature to normalize all volume levels in new wave files to specified level. (80% - > 100 % maximum level)
  • Adds feature to optionally display any errors encountered during the conversion.
  • Adds feature to optionally open the decode directory C:\Converted Wave Files\ after the conversion ends.
  • Fixes InstallShield problem. Now using Wise Installation. Installation is now HALF as big! Why didn't I think of that before! ;-)
  • Fixes problem where you might notice a blip every 2 seconds. You might have to be an audiophile to have heard this one.
  • Fixes a problem decoding/cutting short some vbr mp3s. (Variable bit rate.)
  • Fixes other bug fixes that may fix the Options dialog/freeze problem on some computers and the bug where the ad wouldn't be inserted on some machines after 33 conversions.

Version 1.06 - April 30, 2000

  • Fixes abrupt end for particular files, especially non-standard mp3s.
  • Fixes the small MP3 file that made a very large (2GB+) wave file problem.
  • Converting to a UNC network drive does not pop up the "out-of-room" message anymore. (However, it is not able to get the available drive space, unless it is mapped to a drive letter.)
  • Fixes problem when you try to convert an MP3 of 0 bytes.

Version 1.05 - April 05, 2000

  • Fixes abrupt end to converting very large mp3s
  • Fixes a minor problem when conversion ended while the register dialog was still up...if this happened you would not be able to convert, until you closed the register window.
  • - Help file updated with some of the more common questions

Version 1.04 - March 19, 2000

  • Fixes setting the decode dir to ".\" or "." Doing this will now decode mp3s to the directory they reside in.
  • Fixes a problem converting small MP3 files when the option "Decode files to best suited format" is checked.

Version 1.03 - March 14, 2000

  • Fixes conversion problems that would result in instantaneous train whistles. Usually this was with non-standard MP3 bitrates such as 24kbps.
  • Fixes a fatal exception decoding a particular MP3 sent in by a user.

Version 1.02 - Feb 27, 2000

  • Fixes a problem decoding some mp3s at 32,000 bps. This would result in a freeze where the progress meter would stop progressing. - Thanks to DJBrian for reporting this. He received a free code.
  • Fixes a minor display problem when un-parseable or mp3s with errors are encountered. This is now shown on the title bar of the main Mp3 To Wave Converter window.

Version 1.01 - Feb 26, 2000

  • Fixes problem decoding certain MP3 files. These files appear to be instantly converted, but no file would show up...This was a relatively rare occurrence.
  • Fixes a minor problem with registration...where you try to register the product before actually running it. You had to re-register after agreeing to the license agreement. (Very minor, but it was reported.)

Version 1.0 - Feb 13, 2000

  • Initial Release!

"I very rarely purchase software through the internet -but your program is so easy to use and of good quality, I made an exception for MP3 to Wave Converter Plus. The testimonial of Lindo Duvall, a well known DJ in Holland, made the decision final. By the way, nice to meet your team through your website's bio photos."

-Denis Zirkzee
Spijkenisse, Netherlands