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Fully featured for 7 days. After 7 days, you can use it to do everything except mix down or burn CDs.

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Short Description:
Automatically convert your MP3,WMA and WAV files!

Medium Description:
Convert your MP3, WMA & WAV files with just a single right click of the mouse! Convert Winamp playlists and equalize your MP3 to have a consistent volume. Automatically detects incomplete downloads or blank tracks!

Long Description:
Click the mouse and forget about it! No confusing bit rate calculations or rocket science know-how needed! With this extremely useful software you can convert your MP3 files into WAV files for creating custom CD's or for editing in your favorite editor! It will even automatically detect incomplete music downloads!

Product Features

  • Easy to use – Just one right click of the mouse!!
  • High quality 32 bit sound engine with anti-aliasing! Listen to the Acoustica difference!
  • Converts MP3 into CD quality format WAV files ready to burn.
  • Converts freely between WMA, MP3 & WAV
  • Batch convert folders and subfolders with a single right click!
  • Automatically normalizes audio files to a consistent volume level.
  • Will sense incomplete music downloads or blank songs!
  • Automatically trims unwanted silence from the start and end of songs!
  • Converts music play lists (.M3U, .PLS) to WAV.

Customer Testimonials

"Easy to use, sweet results, and efficient purchase/registration system. Well done guys - you're the business!"

- Jim