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Acoustica Audio Converter Pro Comparison

This help file covers both the more basic MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS and Acoustica Audio Converter Pro. This feature chart will show you what is covered in the programs.


Function  MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS  Audio Converter Pro

Convert MP3   x     x

Convert WMA   x     x

Convert WAV   x     x

Convert play lists  x     x

Auto trim silence  x     x

Normalize   x     x

Detect incompletes  x     x

Convert OGG        x

Rip audio CDs        x

Encode to 24/32 bit WAV      x



* Note that the word "PLUS" in MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS refers to the fact that it isnít limited to converting MP3 to WAV, it also converts WAV to MP3, MP3 to WMA, etc.