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Audio Processing

These audio processing options allow you to do additional audio processing on the files you are converting.


Normalize all converted audio files to X%

Warn About Incomplete Songs

Automatically Remove Silence


Normalize all converted files to X%

This is a great option that will make sure that all your converted files have a similar and consistent volume or amplitude level. You can change the percentage at which it is normalized to. 100% would be maximum volume. 80% is the minimum setting. 97% is the default.


Warn About Incomplete Songs

This feature will alert you possible partial songs. The algorithm tests whether or not there is a sufficient level of sound at the last 20 milliseconds of the song.

The threshold can be set from 0% (abs silence) to 100% ( half max volume)

The default threshold setting is 12%. Note that in some cases, depending on the threshold setting, the song may actually be complete. If you arenít sure, try playing it back before deciding to complete the conversion.


Automatically Remove Silence

Some tracks have extra silence at the start and end. This feature will automatically remove the silence. Note that it will not remove the silence in the original file, but will remove the silence in the copy.