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Configure MP3 Settings Dialog

This dialog lets you fine tune the exact format, bit rate and tag information for your freshly converted MP3 files.


MPEG Version

File Tag

Channel Mode

Constant Bit Rate

Variable Bit Rate




MPEG Version

MPEG stands for "Moving Pictures Experts Group" and is based on a perceptual coding scheme. There are several versions of the MPEG standard.


(MPEG defines the syntax of low bit-rate video and audio bit streams, and the operation of conformant decoders. MP3 is actually an abbreviation for MPEG 1 Layer 3.)


MPEG Version  L.A.M.E. 

===========  ====== 

MPEG 1  X  


MPEG 2.5  X


File Tag

A file’s tag contains extra information about the file. The tag typically contains the track name, artist, album, genre, year and comments.


ID3 v1 is the original tag type. It is more common but it also is limited in the amount of information that it can display. (Text fields are limited to 31 characters)


ID3 v2 is the latest tag type. It can store more involved information, including videos, pictures and link information.


Mode (Channel Mode)

The channel mode determines if the resultant file will be mono or a stereo flavor.


Mono –  One channel.

Joint Stereo –  Toggles between stereo and mono depending on differences and similarities in the left and right channels.

Dual Stereo – 2 mono channels. (Encoded independently.)

Stereo -  Normal stereo ( 2 channels)


Constant Bit Rate

Choose this option if you want the resultant MP3 file to have a Constant Bit Rate (CBR). The encoder will pad frames of the MP3 with filler data if necessary.


Variable Bit Rate

Variable Bit Rate (VBR) files will encode MP3 files that have a range of bit rates. Why create more data than is necessary? The problem with VBR is that some players or MP3 devices may not play them back as well as Constant Bit Rate MP3 files.


Min Bit Rate –  The minimum bit rate to use.

Max Bit Rate –  The maximum bit rate to use

Quality Level –  Indicates how well the encoder analyzes the audio. The more it analyzes the audio, the better chance it has of getting lower bit rate frames. 0 = highest quality and 9 = lowest quality.

Average Bit Rate -  If set, the encoder will attempt to make the average bit rate equal to this value. (It is assumed that it uses the highest quality level (0) in order to achieve the average bit rate.)



This option will add a checksum to the encoded file that will allow MP3 players to determine if the MP3 file has been corrupted or damaged. The protected flag in the MP3 will be set.