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Creating WAV Files

1. MP3 to WAV

You can create WAV files by simply right clicking on an MP3 file. A menu will pop up with various options. Make sure to select the menu item that says "Convert to WAV".


2. WAV, OGG or WMA to WAV

If you are trying to convert a WAV, OGG or WMA to a new WAV, you can select the second menu item, which will pop up a submenu. Make sure to click on the "WAV" item on the submenu and the conversion will begin. (OGG is only available in Audio Converter Pro.)


3. Play List to WAV

If you are trying to convert a play list of various formats to WAV, right click on the play list and make sure to select the menu item that says "Convert to WAV". The software will create WAV files as specified in the Options.


Alternatively, you may drag and drop the file onto the software’s icon on the desktop to start the conversion to WAV.


4. Convert a folder’s audio files to WAV

To convert a folder’s audio files in one right click operation, simply right click on a folder and select "Convert this folder’s audio files to" and then select WAV from the pop up menu. (If the folder has subfolders it will ask you if you want to convert the subfolder’s audio files as well.)

mp3_wav_ogg_wma_cda_converter_imgs\ebx_-422723850.gif (Available in Audio Converter Pro.)


5. Rip a CD or a track to WAV
To rip an entire CD or a track to WAV, double click "My Computer", followed by right clicking on a CD and then clicking "Explore". Right click on one or more of the "Track.CDA" files and select "Convert To WAV". ** Note that the software will automatically look up the proper names in, and, therefore the converted file may not start with "track", etc.