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OGG File Options

mp3_wav_ogg_wma_cda_converter_imgs\ebx_-422723850.gif (Available in Audio Converter Pro.)


These options allow you to set the Bit Rate and quality of OGG files.


Preset Quality

Specify Settings


Preset Quality

This convenient slider allows you to quickly choose from a list of various configurations.


Preset  Bitrate   Channels

==========  ======   ========

Voice Quality  64 kbps   Mono

FM Quality  96 kbps   Stereo

Tape Quality  128 kbps  Stereo

Hi-Fi Quality  160 kbps  Stereo

CD Quality  192 kbps  Stereo

Studio Quality  256 kbps  Stereo

Best Quality  250 kbps  Stereo


Specify Settings

This allows you to set the specific bit rate, channels and either Average or Variable bit rate.


q    Average Bit Rate Choose this to set the average bit rate.

q    Variable Bit Rate Choose this to set the variable bit rate. Change the slider to set the quality from 1% to 100%

q    Mode Choose mono or stereo in either Average or Variable Bit Rate mode