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This simple program will make it easy to convert MP3 files into Wave files or Wave files into MP3 files!


How does it work?

By simply right clicking a file, folder or a group of files, you can start the conversion process. You can change the conversion folder at any time via the options dialog . You can also convert files by dragging and dropping them onto the software’s desktop icon. More on conversion basics.


High quality resampling

When you are converting to low bit rate files or low sample rate WAV files, Acoustica software uses a high quality anti-aliasing algorithm. High frequency content that would not normally translate to a low sample rate is removed before the conversion begins. (If this did not happen, you would notice S’s and cymbal crashes sounding very distorted or a weird warbling sound.) This is a huge sound quality improvement from old versions of the converter, as well as competing products.

Convert to WAV : By default, the software will convert your compressed audio files into CD-quality format Wave files, which is 44khz, 16bit stereo. (Many CD-audio creation programs require CD quality format.) More on creating WAV files..


Convert to MP3 : If you are converting from WAV or WMA to MP3, the software will default to encode at 192 kbps, stereo MP3s. (You may also choose to convert MP3s to MP3s in order to get all your MP3s at a consistent format and rate.) More on creating MP3 files


Convert to WMA : If you are converting from WAV or MP3 to WMA, the software will default to encode at 128 kbps, 44 kHz stereo MP3s. (You may also choose to convert WMAs to WMAs in order to get all your WMAs at a consistent format and rate.) More on creating WMA files


mp3_wav_ogg_wma_cda_converter_imgs\ebx_-422723850.gif Convert to OGG: OGG is a royalty free format that is slowly picking up in support. The sound quality is extremely high, although encoding is slower. More on creating OGG files(Only available in Audio Converter Pro)


mp3_wav_ogg_wma_cda_converter_imgs\ebx_-422723850.gif Convert from CDA: Convert or ‘rip’ tracks straight from your audio CDs. Convert them to WAV, WMA, OGG & MP3 right from the right click! More on ripping audio CDs(Only available in Audio Converter Pro)



Why would I use this software?

Here are a few reasons why you might use this software.


·      Create CD compatible WAV files so you can burn them on a CD.

·      Convert MP3s to WAVs so you can edit them in a sound editor.

·      Convert your custom WAV creations into MP3

·      Convert your WMA files to MP3 or WAV.

·      Convert your MP3s to lower or higher quality format MP3 files

·      Convert your MP3s to WMA files.

·      Normalize your MP3, WMA or WAV files.

·      Batch convert entire folders to a specific format.

·      Rip audio CDs or convert CDA files. (Only available in Audio Converter Pr.o)

·      Convert or encode OGG files (Only available in Audio Converter Pro.)



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